All in for Anthony Miranda for Queens Borough President. Here’s Why.

When you get a call on a Friday afternoon just two days after Christmas saying you’ve been let go from your job, you feel like someone kicked you off the top of a mountain. It’s an awful feeling.

I was simply told that the company did not hit our numbers and that they couldn’t afford to keep me on the team. It wasn’t based on my work ethic, skill set, or plethora of ideas. It was in that moment that I realized I was not seen as a human being but merely as a number on a chart. It was dehumanizing to say the least.

After graciously thanking my former employer for every opportunity and learning experience, I hung up the phone and thought for a minute. How can workers be treated with dignity if we have a system that’s designed to treat us like disposable goods? That’s the inhumanity of the system. This experience quickly reaffirmed my belief in socialism and my skepticism for capitalism. I’m very lucky that I had a lot less to lose than other people who go through unemployment. It shouldn’t be this way. Something has to change.

Within 10 days, I managed to find my next job. I now work as Deputy Campaign Manager for Anthony Miranda and his campaign for Queens Borough President (Miranda for Queens).

So why this campaign? First and foremost, I’m unbelievably grateful that Anthony agreed to put me on his team. He knows I still have to put food on the table and pay for the roof above my head. In my moment of need, he was there for me. That’s the type of comrade we should all have in our lives.

Second, I would be working closely with Virginia “Vigie” Ramos-Ríos, who is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s former campaign manager. Working under Vigie is like a dream come true. She’s unbelievably knowledgeable and has an extraordinary work ethic. She can work for hours non-stop. When she puts her mind to something, anything is possible. I’ve never worked with someone with so much integrity, respect for others, and trust in everyone around her. Her positive aura keeps us all going. It’s very refreshing.

Third, my career has been leading up to this is the type of job — one that perfectly fits my passion, my skill set, and expertise. Between the hands on experience and exposure to how a campaign operates, my time on the Miranda for Queens campaign will be invaluable. My role fluctuates everyday based on what’s needed, which many include responsibilities like managing our team, political organizing, researching policy, coordinating with volunteers, event planning, designing marketing assets, and digital marketing. I’m excited to learn and to grow while working on this campaign.

The best part? This is a campaign I believe in. It’s rare for the political consultant class to find a campaign that matches their values. Most consultants do the work for just a paycheck and hope the candidate wins. Although I am getting paid for this position, the campaign aligns so close to my values that I can sleep at night fulfilled rather than tired.

For my own campaign for District Leader, I am 100% still running. I am continuing to run while working on the Miranda for Queens campaign. It really is a blessing because he and I share similar values.

Anthony is running on the strongest progressive platform in the race. His platform includes Medicare for All, a Homes Guarantee, abolishing ICE, putting a moratorium on development projects, and making massive investments in our infrastructure. Anthony is consistent like Bernie Sanders and determined like AOC. He also comes from outside the establishment. Anthony is tired of “business as usual” style politics. Nothing substantial gets accomplished and the needs of the working class are never met. With all of the other candidates in the race, we know where they stand. Anthony is the only one who has taken on the establishment, like when he sued the NYPD when he was working for them , risking his career — AND WON.

This is the Queens Borough President that Queens has been waiting for. I’m all in for Anthony Miranda for Queens Borough President, and I hope you’ll join me in voting for him on March 24.

Former Candidate for District Leader. Organizer. Democratic Socialist. Queens County Committee Member representing AD36/ED31.