What started off as a rather lackluster interrogation during the new Supreme Court Justice Senate Hearing ended with a bombshell that prompted an age-old debate: sexual preference vs sexual orientation. The new Trump pick for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett was asked a series of question regarding Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruling that said same-sex marriage is a constitutionally protected right. Through those questions, she ultimately refused to answer whether she agreed with that ruling.

“I have no agenda, and I do want to be clear that I have never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference…

On Friday, September 18th, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away after battling pancreatic Cancer. The passing of Justice Ginsburg jolted me like the last scene in Lady Gaga’s “911” music video, which was released that same day. Coincidence, right?

The stakes for the upcoming presidential election are alarming. We’ve been subjected to Trumpism (and torment) for the past four years, and it’s no surprise that our country’s divisions are deeper than ever. Our democracy is hanging by a thread while the rights of 330 million Americans hang in the balance all because of one person’s death. …

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who believed in our campaign for District Leader. From the beginning, we helped put District Leader races in Queens on the map. We raised close to $3,000 in grassroots donations from people in the district and across 15 states. We attended/organized over 40 events during our time in the race. People heard about our campaign from social media and word of mouth long before anyone entered the race. We challenged the local establishment AND WON. …

In this series, you will learn the processes behind running for a party office (District Leader) in the state of New York. The first part of the series focused on the foundational steps that must be taken when running for office. This second part is all about tracking your campaign finances. Let’s review some key steps from the first part before we begin.

  • Have you selected a Treasurer and filed the correct paper work?
  • Have you applied for an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
  • Have you opened a bank account for your campaign?
  • Have you selected a donations platform for fundraising?

On May 20th, just six months after I launched my campaign for District Leader, I decided to unveil my endorsements for the 2020 primary election. It was an honor and a joy to run for District Leader in Part A of New York’s 36th Assembly District. It sure was a hectic time, but I gave it my all. Unfortunately, I was removed from the ballot and consequently suspended my campaign. You can read more about that here.

While that was a difficult decision, our movement has not ended. It lives on in all of us. It also lives on in…

I never thought it would come to this, but just two months before the election, I have to suspend my campaign for District Leader in Assembly District 36, Part A. This is not something I ever wanted to do, but I have absolutely no choice. Here’s what happened.

On Thursday, April 23rd, the New York City Board of Elections declared that our candidacy must be removed from the ballot in the state’s Democratic Primary. My name will be removed because a portion of our petition signatures were invalidated. …

Upon hearing the news, I was quite shocked that NYC Pride was cancelled for June. We’ve been celebrating Pride for 50 years now and this is the first time since the Stonewall Riots that the LGBTQ+ community cannot march together. Although many in the community are going to be sad, disappointed, and disheartened by this decision, I think this gives us an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm the spirit of Pride.

NYC Pride was never meant to be a worldwide corporate funded parade where balloons and glitter fill the streets. While it’s certainly grown to become an iconic event…

Today, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders officially endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden. You can check out their 36 minute live stream here and check out the 5:01 mark where Bernie makes that endorsement.

This comes just five days after Bernie suspended his campaign via live stream. After many hard-fought primaries and caucuses, Bernie claimed that he didn’t have a viable path to victory. He mentioned how over 2 million people donated to his campaign, how over 10 million contributions were made, and how he had over 1 million volunteers. These numbers were historic. …

As a part of The New Reformers, our goal is to make running for office more accessible and transparent for our community. There’s no handbook that tells you how to do it, especially for those not familiar with the political process. That’s why we’re creating a series of blog posts on this topic. Today’s guide: how to run for Democratic District Leader.

First and foremost, we encourage everyone to evaluate three main criteria:

  1. Your Values
  2. Leadership skills
  3. Community involvement

Each of these criteria will help determine a basis for your campaign Your values are your guiding principles. Those will inform…

When you get a call on a Friday afternoon just two days after Christmas saying you’ve been let go from your job, you feel like someone kicked you off the top of a mountain. It’s an awful feeling.

I was simply told that the company did not hit our numbers and that they couldn’t afford to keep me on the team. It wasn’t based on my work ethic, skill set, or plethora of ideas. It was in that moment that I realized I was not seen as a human being but merely as a number on a chart. …

Nick Haby

Former Candidate for District Leader. Organizer. Democratic Socialist. Queens County Committee Member representing AD36/ED31.

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